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Alpha Officials

An incredible eye for what’s next in the cannabis industry. A passionate drive to exceed expectations.
We are proud of our talented, diverse team. Take a peek into our weird, unusual ways.

Alan does not let opportunities slip by. His success is built upon the daily consumption of Starbucks® caffeinated drinks, an open mind and the understanding that the process, journey and experience is what takes our team to the next level. Ten years in the industry, Alan has been helping growers increase yields and lower cost to maximize their investments. Alan’s leadership has allowed Solis Tek to become one of the most recognized lighting brands in the indoor gardening industry.

Fun Fact: Starbucks’® triple shot expresso with a pump of sugar free cinnamon dolce and a splash of soy -  fuel Alan’s day.

Alvin’s extensive experience in hydroponics and commercial gardening has allowed the company to establish a competitive advantage. With a decade of experience, Alvin has gained in-depth knowledge which has allowed him to identify, develop and create innovative products that enable growers to farm with natural organic solutions while increasing quality, consistency and yield.

Fun Fact:  Alvin is self-taught in graphic design and is known as the office “Mad Scientist.”

With the day to day responsibilities of Generation Alpha, Tiffany might be the true Alpha of the office but is not eager to fight for the title. With extensive experience in financial analysis, operations, cash flow and supply chain management, Tiffany uses her tools to navigate the company through many obstacles. Other impressive facts include her spot-on intuition, karaoke skills and her ability to beat the eta time no matter what traffic looks like.


Fun Fact: Tiffany prefers to communicate via Bitmoji’s and has a very limited “friend capacity.”

As you can see from her title, Joni wears many hats! From planning office parties to managing large construction projects there is nothing she can’t do. With several years of experience of owning her own company and working for companies along the way, she has acquired different skillsets that allow her to move seamlessly throughout the day.


Fun Fact: Joni loves two things maple donuts and Justin Beiber – in that order!  

Summer got her start running PR and marketing for numerous organizations while in college. From running point on her sorority's publicity crises' to single-handedly managing marketing for a popular restaurant in Tahoe, she has gained broad experience and a keen eye for developing and bringing brands to life.  


Fun Fact: Summer can be found eating avocado toast while teaching her not so savvy co-workers on the do’s and don’ts of social media etiquette.

A company veteran, Tony has extensive industry knowledge that enables him to provide the perfect product or solution that will maximize the customer’s investment. With his charismatic and easy going demeanor he is willing to tackle any problem and is guaranteed to exceed the customer’s expectation, which makes him the perfect fit for the job.


Fun Fact: When asked a question, Tony simply replies “Fo Sho!”

Mori came to Generation Alpha via Alvin’s arms. Upon arrival each day, he goes through the office to find his resting place.  Although he barks at delivery people and will not move out of the way for anyone, we all love his presence.


Fun Fact: Mori only exerts energy when food or other dogs arrive.