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For ballasts and complete fixtures



The lamp doesn’t turn on when the ballast is powered.

1. Please confirm that the power supply is adequate and then check if the ballast green LED indicator light is on. If it is on, please replace the lamp. (The lamp may be damaged if ends are whitening.)

2. If the green LED indicator light on the ballast is not on, the ballast is damaged.



The lamp goes out intermittently and then turns on again.

1. Please check if the lamp connections are in good contact.

2. Please check if the ballast environment exceeds normal use conditions. (For example, the ballast is overheating and the conflict is resolved after cooling the ballast, the issue can be identified as over-temperature protection)

a. When the ballast power is set to 1100w, the over-temperature protection will activate when the environmental ambient temperature exceeds 104 ° F.

b. When the ballast power is set to 1000w, the over-temperature protection will activate when the environmental ambient temperature exceeds 113 ° F.

3. If this situation continues to occur, please replace the lamp.

4. Check the wiring of the ballast for any visible conflict. Ensure that the maximum length of the wire connected to the lamp is no more than 50’. Ballast cords should never be bundled together.

5. Confirm that the lamp is installed correctly and seated properly, this is very important and could prevent a failure from occurring.

6. Confirm that the ballast input voltage is within the range of plus or minus 10% of the rated voltage.

7. Please be aware of excess environmental humidity, if moisture forms in the lamp socket it may trigger ballast protection feature.

8. Please be aware of excessive dust during lamp installation. If the environment dust concentration is too high, it could affect the contact between the lamp and the socket.



– The ballasts shouldn’t be operated in excessively high temperatures.

– Please ensure proper air circulation in the operating environment.

– Avoid operating ballasts in poorly ventilated areas or dead corners.