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► Ballasts/Lamp warranties require a serial #.

Ballast: The serial # is usually printed on the bottom or input side panel of the ballast. (example: STK10011510114552)

Lamp: The serial # is found printed on the front of each lamp. (example: 10-15, enter this as 1015, do not include dash)

► If there is no serial # found, please explain in the additional comments.


► SolisTek Digital Ballasts are identified for warranty based on the color of the breaker/reset button on the back of the ballast.

► Ballasts with a WHITE button fall under a 5 year warranty (3 years full, and 2 years pro-rated, discontinued since 2012).
      Example: R9801A-123800837 (enter only the serial # highlighted in yellow, not the prefix)

► Ballasts with a BLACK button fall under the 3 year no hassle warranty.
      Example: STK1001150444342 (enter only the serial # highlighted in yellow, not the prefix)

► Ballasts that do not have a serial # should be entered in the 'Additional Comments' box.


Do not enter the dash (-) in the serial or the lamp may show as expired.  Use the format: 1015

► If your RMA request consists of ONLY lamps, please submit a photo of the lamp(s) including serial # printed on the glass.
      Submit your files below by selecting "Choose Files".  This will greatly expedite the RMA request.


Serial #'s starting with R9/RB will be pro-rated

Complete fixtures returned without the included lamp will be pro rated accordingly

If you have any issues entering a serial, refresh the page and enter the product information in the Additional Comments below instead.

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This RMA submission form is for Retailers ONLY.
Sales receipts are necessary for any warranty claim.

By clicking submit you agree that all items are tested and non functioning.  Functional items that are returned will incur a $50 per unit service fee and shipping charges both ways. Please test all products before return or you will be charged.

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(1) shipping label will be sent for every (2) ballasts unless otherwise specified in the comments.

Direct Warranty is not covered outside USA.

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