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We have expanded our services and products beyond lighting and agricultural solutions into cultivation, manufacturing and retail.  As we evolve, our company name, branding and structure need to reflect our new endeavors.

With this, we have changed our parent company name from Solis Tek Inc. to Generation Alpha, Inc., which better represents our philosophy of bringing the best products and services to the industry.

Although we have expanded our family, we remain committed to developing and providing innovative products and services in both Solis Tek Digital Lighting, our lighting division, and Zelda Horticulture, our agricultural products division.

Along with our new name comes new branding!  We are excited to launch our new website (www.genalphainc.com) and division logos. The website features rich content, a structured and easy to navigate layout and a greatly requested e-commerce feature. Our new logos are cleaner and energetic, which reflects our culture and mission. We kept the Solis Tek Digital Lighting logo the same, to show our commitment to maintain the integrity of the original brand.

Generation Alpha for us means “New Beginning!”. It is the new wave of how people and brands connect.

We would like to thank all of our customers for their continued business and support.

Tiffany Davis
Chief Operating Officer, Generation Alpha, Inc.