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SolisTek B9 720W LED System


The SolisTek B9 LED is a 720W energy efficient alternative to the traditional commercial 1000W DE HID fixtures. This full spectrum high output LED system is comprised of a combination of highly efficient COB & SMD LED’s.

– Energy efficient commercial alternative
– Increase yield & crop quality (THC / CBD / Terpenes)
– Low heat factor
– Easy and simple to install
– Eligible for rebates in some states
– Compatible with SolisTek Lighting Controller
– Incredibly high PAR 800+ at 36″

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An incredibly reliable & high intensity 720 watt LED light system designed as an alternative to the 1000W DE Fixture.
+ Provides a full spectrum solution
+ Incredibly high PAR output 800+ umol @ 36″
+ Significant energy savings
+ Currently available in 200-277V.

SolisTek B9 LED SpecsSolisTek B9 Product Specifications

SolisTek B9 LED SpecsSolisTek B9 Testing Results


Manufacturer SolisTek
SKU STB9-720
Warranty 3 Years
Voltage 200-277V
Wattage 720W
Amps 3.0 – 2.6A
Actual Input Power No
Power Factor > 0.98
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz
Input Connection 240V or 277V 15A twist lock
Inrush Current No
Compatible Lamp Type No
Dimensions No
Weight 48 lbs